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What exactly will you do for me?
We will answer your calls in your business name and handle them as instructed by you. We can answer general questions/queries and take accurate messages (capturing up to 5 pieces of information from the caller). Need more? Click Here.
I need more than message taking - i.e. calls to be transferred, etc.
For clients who need more than just a simple message taking service, we can create a bespoke service on our "pay-per-minute" tariff. On this tariff, we can do any type of call handling, such as transfer calls through to you, manage diaries, process orders and much more. Click Here for more details.
How do I get my messages?
Messages can be sent to you by email and/or SMS.
Is it really Pay-As-You-Go?
Yes. All we ask is that you deliver at least 5 calls to us per month per number or pay the equivalent. This is to keep your service(s) with us active and to cover the rental of your dedicated telephone number(s).
How quickly do you answer calls?
We aim to answer all calls within 2-3 rings.
What hours do you operate?
Your calls will be answered by our live agents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from our US office. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not sub-contract any of our call handling.
Will I be given my own dedicated telephone number?
Yes. You will be allocated a unique US telephone number which you can either divert your existing telephone line(s) to or advertise directly.
How do I divert/forward my calls to you?
Most telephone providers offer a "Call Divert" or "Call Forwarding" option, allowing you to transfer your calls to another number either all of the time, when engaged or when unanswered. This is usually very simple to setup.
How will the agents know what to do with calls?
When a call comes in, your company name and call answering instructions appear on screen, allowing our agents to handle calls professionally and with confidence.
Can I change the way you handle my calls?
Yes. You can change any aspect of your service with us by calling or emailing us, or via the Client Area. Minor changes are free of charge, but major changes such as company name will incur an admin fee.
What if I no longer require the service and wish to cancel?
The service operates on a simple rolling monthly agreement, so should you wish to cancel, just give us at least 30 days notice prior to renewal by email.
If I cancel, can I continue to use the number you allocated me?
Yes. You can rent the number directly from our telecoms provider for $4.95 per month. Depending on where you point the number to, call forwarding charges may apply.
How quickly can I get setup?
Just click here to sign-up and we'll setup your service sameday, normally within a few hours!

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